The CAI Imaging management system may be utilized as a scanning solution for applications outside the realm of CAI applications. For use in conjunction with our systems, each module can be image enabled to scan and store documents from within the applications.

  • Maintain data integrity within CAI programs
  • Integrated Imaging allows the user to scan and view images without leaving the application.
  • Create a separate drawer for each software application
  • Use pre-defined document types in CAI applications or establish document type table in the stand-alone program
  • User defined indexes in the stand-alone program
  • The system creates indexes from all fields within the CAI applications (no entry required)
  • Use the scan, view and search buttons to manage images
  • Search images by any index field attached to a scanned document
  • A “tree view” is used to “drill down” to view a list of images to be retrieved
  • Intuitive Redaction for securing sensitive information
  • Full Annotation including notes, lines and text stored separately by department
  • Security lock down by group and function